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About Us

At A Touch of Honey we are what you see.

We are a beekeeping family involved in all aspects of the beekeepers life.

My husband and son oversee the little "buzzers", and yes they do get stung quite often.

Our honey crop is produced in south central ND. It is extracted from the hives and then bottled, or creamed for you at our location in Linton, ND

We also produce our own line of body-care products. These have evolved over the years to the products you see here on our website.

We have been the test subjects for our own products throughout the years and we're all still quite healthy and strong, if not somewhat the better for it.

In December of 2006, A Touch of Honey was opened in Linton, ND. to introduce these products to you.

A Touch of Honey is here to provide you with quality honey products for your body. "Inside and out!"

We are pleased to have found a loyal and steadfast following, with customers through the USA and abroad.

"Sweet things come to those who wait", but you needn't wait anymore!

Kristy, Larisa, and Leticia. A Touch of Honey!

Shows & Events

  • 1-3rd / November / 2019
    Grand Forks Holiday Showcase

    9-10th / November / 2019
    Minot Holiday Showcase

    22-24th / November / 2019
    Fargo Holiday Showcase

    6-8th / Dec / 2019
    Bismarck Holiday Showcase


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What our customers are saying...

"This lotion is the best I've ever used. I have allgeries to dyes and fragrances but have found out that I can use this lotion and not break out. I believe it has something to do with the honey that is in it but I can't tell you for certain. I just know that it leaves me feeling silky smooth, not greasy and the subtle frangrance stays with me throughout the day without overpowering me. Thank You A Touch of Honey!

- JoAnne B. - Bismarck ND

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