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Creamed Honeys

Do you love the sweet yummy taste of honey but hate the sticky drips that are often associated with it?

Welcome to Creamed Honey! All the wonderful sweetness and flavor you've come to love from A Touch of Honey, but without the drips. Creamed Honey is spread consistency (similar to peanut butter).

We offer our Natural Creamed Honey with no added flavoring.

Or try a Flavored Creamed Honey for your toast, muffin or bagel.

Flavored Creamed Honey adds a little surprise to your Sunday morning pancakes too!

Creamed Honeys $7.00

Additional Flavors


Tip: Creamed Honey is wonderful in coffees or teas. Try a flavored Creamed Honey in your next cup.

Tip: For children over 1 year of age. Try a spoon of Creamed Honey to soothe that sore throat or cough. A spoon of Creamed Honey acts like a loli-pop. Most children will suck on the spoonful of Creamed Honey so it coats the throat longer than a spoon of liquid honey. Less messy too.


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What our customers are saying...

"This lotion is the best I've ever used. I have allgeries to dyes and fragrances but have found out that I can use this lotion and not break out. I believe it has something to do with the honey that is in it but I can't tell you for certain. I just know that it leaves me feeling silky smooth, not greasy and the subtle frangrance stays with me throughout the day without overpowering me. Thank You A Touch of Honey!

- JoAnne B. - Bismarck ND

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