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Our Hand & Body Lotions and cremes all have that special touch of honey that leave your skin silky soft and smooth and never greasy.

This lotion is amazing
-Works wonders on those painful cracked finger tips
-Dry overworked hands, from numerous hand washing to over exposure to wind and the outdoors
-Works well for men, women and children

Womens 8oz Lotions $8.49



Womens 4oz Lotions $5.59



Mens 8oz Lotions $8.49


We do our best to emulate the most popular fragrances that are put out by the big lotion companies. We do update our website as often as we can, but if there is something that you have ordered in the past and don't see it here please call 866.236.0230 or email us.


Lotion Bars are lotion in a bar. They are VERY rich and will help soften even the toughest feet! Simply rub liberally onto the feet and apply socks before bed, or in the morning. Or use them to soften your whole body and seal in the moisture. After you shower or bathe just rub them into your skin while you are still wet, then lightly pat off the excess water with a towel.

Lotion Bars $2.99




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What our customers are saying...

"This lotion is the best I've ever used. I have allgeries to dyes and fragrances but have found out that I can use this lotion and not break out. I believe it has something to do with the honey that is in it but I can't tell you for certain. I just know that it leaves me feeling silky smooth, not greasy and the subtle frangrance stays with me throughout the day without overpowering me. Thank You A Touch of Honey!

- JoAnne B. - Bismarck ND

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